Gobik Gloves Black HEX15


The Bikecat Gobik Gloves Black HEX15 offer maximum cushioning comfort and optimal grip on the handlebars.

They are best for mild to warm weather from late spring to early fall, depending on where you live.

The Bikecat Gobik Gloves Black HEX15 are black with a small Bikecat logo, and are available in unisex sizes S , M – L and XL.


The Bikecat Gobik Gloves Black HEX15.

The Bikecat Gobik Gloves Black HEX15 come in black with the Bikecat logo. They add a touch of elegance and sun-protection with their longer on the wrist shape.

  • Short gloves
  • Elastic, very breathable
  • Palms made of perforated synthetic fabric, incorporate padding to relieve pressure on sensitive nerves
  • Easy on/off loops
  • Glove compatible with road and MTB practice
  • Hand size: S (20.9 – 21.5 cm), M (21.5 – 22.2 cm), L (22.2 – 22.8 cm), XL (22.8 – 23.5 cm )

These gloves are made by GOBIK, one of the fastest growing cycling clothing companies in Europe based in Murcia,Spain. Their clothing is very comfortable as well as durable and the exceptional workmanship and materials make them a great choice.

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