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Cycling Tours Shorts – Women

The women´s Bikecat Cycling Tours metallic grey shorts are incredibly comfortable.
A laser cut finish and integrated gripping in the fabric further increases the overall comfort of the shorts.

They are made in Spain by GOBIK.
The women’s Cycling Tours shorts have a little pink polka-dotted pattern around one leg.

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  • Brand: GOBIK
  • Model: Limited
  • Properties:Comfort | Flexibility
  • Range of use: 17ºC to 35ºC
  • Chamois: K6 women’s specific


The women’s Cycling Tours shorts by GOBIK are made for unlimited kilometers. The new pattern makes them even more ergonomic due to double flat sewing and elastic polyester fabrics. The leg is finished with a 60mm LaserPro Elastic band, provinding a timeless look and optimal grip and comfort.

The waistband lies flat and allows a perfect grip and enough width for weight distribution and comfort.

The K6 chamois on the Cycling Tours shorts are specifically designed for the female anatomy and up to 6 hours of optimal performance.

Ideal for medium and advanced riders.

Souvenirs from girona