Buff Neck Warmer – Gaudi


The coffee color Gaudi neck warmer celebrates the best of the area: Barcelona, Girona, Costa Brava, Pirineus. It has a broken tile mosaic across the chest and back as a tribute to the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. It is made by Original Buff from Barcelona, Spain.

The 4-way stretch fabric moves easily with you and holds its shape over and over and the seamless construction is comfortable against the skin.

The Gaudi neck warmer offers warmth, sun and wind protection and is made from recycled materials.


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The Gaudi neck warmer is made by Original Buff outside of Barcelona, Spain.

Designed for all-year-round use making ideal protection against the cold and wind while cycling and other high intensity activities. Fit is for most necks and provide UPF 50 sun protection. Optimal capacity for transferring moisture vapor away from the body keeping you dry and comfortable. The UltraStretch technology is designed for top comfort and performance.

Made with Polyester microfiber obtained from recycled clear plastic bottles. The versatile Gaudi neck warmer can be used in a wide range of wearing styles and is machine washable.

Original BUFF was invented by Joan Rojas around 1991. He was born into a textile family and as a passionate motorcyclist, he had an idea to create this warm, protective, multifunctional headwear product; the Original Buff. Today they are produced at the same family factory as always and the Original Buff products continue to innovate and expand and are now sold around the world.

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